Concept of sustainable development

Defined by the United Nations at the Rio de Janeiro Convention 1992 as the need to achieve the right to development so as to achieve equally the developmental and environmental needs of present and future generations.
It can also be said that it is a sustainable development, stability and sustainability in terms of its use in natural resources, which is taken from environmental balance as an officer, aiming at raising the standard of living in all its aspects while regulating environmental resources and organizing them.



Comprehensive policy takes into account the improvement of living conditions in all respects and sustainable development as a selected plan for continuous economic, social and environmental development to ensure that long-term economic and social developments and events are controlled.

Definition of license

What is the International Driving License

The International Sustinable Delevelpment Driving License (ISDDL) has become a standard international standard for sustainable development skills, with more than 2 million certificates issued worldwide. Trainees now have the opportunity to obtain a certified, recognized and recognized certificate locally and internationally in the field of learning sustainable development skills.

(ISDDL) certification has a unified curriculum in both Arabic and English that ensures the ability of the holder to use sustainable development and its applications to the level required for business management. As the program does not presume to provide sustainable development experience, trainees are gradually trained on development, which have become the requirements of most sectors of the work at the moment.

On the other hand, the (ISDDL) for Employers confirms that the applicant is fully aware of the use of the Internet,

E-mail and word processing, using conventional software.


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